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Metrum Ensemble:

Since their debut in 2012 under the name of Qaartsiluni Ensemble, the Metrum Ensemble has been associated with a unique artistic vision and a consistent work ethic characterizing its significant musical achievements and the long list of memorable concerts.

The art of Metrum Ensemble evokes both playfulness and responsibility. The members of the ensemble are not afraid to become “co-authors” of classical works, as they perceive every musical act as a contemporary creative process. Their constant interest in collaboration with contemporary composers has resulted in nearly forty world premieres.

The musicians are equally attracted by the discovery of the past, playing classical oeuvres as music that has never been performed before, and by the interpretation of the contemporary, performing new pieces as music that truly belongs to us, waiting to be discovered.

The working method of Metrum Ensemble is characterized by the individual contributions of soloist quality musicians and the methodicalness and thoroughness of the rehearsal process. The latter is seen as a component of the creative process that can help and enrich the reception of works. On multiple occasions, the concerts start with a staged rehearsal to reveal the structure of the works before the piece is performed.

The Metrum Ensemble is always eager to participate in multi-art productions with other branches of creative arts. In addition to playing in concert halls, the Ensemble is constantly seeking inspiration from unique venues that reveal new aspects of the performed pieces. The Ensemble has played in museums, exhibition halls, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Budapest-Fasor, which proved to be an ideal environment to study and perform Johann Sebastian Bach's music.

The Metrum Ensemble has been a prominent member of the Hungarian music scene. The nonconformist performance of classical works, the collaboration with fine arts and theater, and the premiere of many Hungarian works are its hallmarks. Outstanding among these is the multi-year concert series entitled “Central European Portraits”, the collaboration with the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts and Óbudai Társaskör. The Metrum Ensemble participated in several international festivals, including Convergence (SK), Hradec Kralove (CZ), Arcus Temporum (HU), Budapest Spring Festival and the CAFe Budapest Festival.

Together with the Maladype Theater they have performed over 40 times an opera “semi-seria” written by László Sáry and Sándor Weöres, winning the 2016 Artisjus Best Classical Music Award, and the “Most original musical piece and stage expression” award at the 2018 International FIAT Festival in Podgorica (ME). In 2019, the International Armel Festival in Vienna commissioned a work from the Metrum Ensemble and the Forte Theater Company (“Away, no matter where”). The performance was invited to the prestigious POSZT 2020 National Theatre Meeting, which is Hungary's most important theater festival showcasing the 14 best plays by Hungarian and transborder Hungarian speaking theatre companies.

During the pandemic, the ensemble has recorded several pieces from Ádám Kondor's “Bizarre Objects” series, adding to the growing number of their recordings kept in the musical archives of M3 Bartók Radio. Their first album (Metrum Ensemble plays Marian Lejava – Live In Budapest) was released in Bratislava in 2017. In March 2021, their performance at the author's night of Gyula Csapó was streamed live by the Transparent Sound New Music Festival.

In 2022, the ensemble will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Major works planned for the festive year include a musical theater production based on Virginia Woolf’s ‘Room of One’s Own featuring newly commissioned works from young composers, a film about László Sáry's creative oeuvre, the performance and recording of the entire Bach transcripts by Ádám Kondor, and the grand production of Mahler-Schönberg’s Das Lied von der Erde /Song from the Earth.